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Sample Here

To Sample: to cut and paste, version, remix, and reuse bits of music, found sounds, or any other audio material to creating something new.

Samples as Stories

The act of sampling has become a foundational technique of modern dance music production. While this technique may seem simple, it is an extremely powerful and transformational action. Interwoven into the process of sampling, there are radically transformative tools for engaging with culture, history, space and place.

Sampling is no small act. It lets you travel through time, bringing voices of the past into the present. Chopping up and sequencing them around rhythms and bass, and then deploying them onto dancefloors for the purposes of making people move. This starts a new conversation about the future, makes a claim on the future. It is archivism, memory, and an assertion of place and agency. When we sample, we are saying, “We are here, We hear this and it resonates with us.” For dance music producers, sampling music and sound from around the globe is a fundamental way we learn about, connect with and honor peoples, cultures, spaces, places, times and stories. Sampling is a powerful and magical act.  

Sample Here is a project intended to utilize the power and magic of sampling to tell the stories around us, and lift up the voices from our communities and our histories by sampling them. We hope that this series of sample packs will inspire other music producers and audio creatives to discover and contribute to the wealth of sonic beauty and knowledge around them. We hope that these samples will inspire the creation of both good music and good conversations in our community.

Our Mission
Sample Here-House is Home Vol 1
Sample Here GRL
LAM Archive vol I.

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